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Divinium Loveworldlyrics


A youngster is seen at different locations making contacts with materials of the gospel.

At first, he resists, until he can no longer resist.


He makes contact with a team distributing Rhapsody of Realities


He is using the internet (you tube) and comes in contact with Pastor Chris’ teachings


He is walking the streets and hears someone preaching the gospel, he is dressed wearing an ear mask and washes his hands regularly after each contact


The same youngster is at home, at first he sits down, then suddenly, he speaks in tongues, he tries to stop but can’t, then, his mum comes and is surprised, she runs to go call the father and they both rush him to the hospital.


The boy is being rushed to the hospital on a stretcher with ear masks, oxygen and all

Dad: I think he caught the flu; he is gradually becoming sick,

         He is already displaying symptoms

Doctor: what symptoms?

Mum: believing in things he cannot see

Dad: speaking a language strange to the ears

Parents: Saying those things that be not as though they were

Doctor: but you should have been more careful, take the necessary precautions against the virus

Doc & Parents: wash the ears and hand regularly,

                          Wear a pair of ear masks,      

                          Maintain social distancing; 5 feet apart

Parents: all these we did

Mum: please! Tell us you can save him

Doctor: I’ll do my best



Mum and dad are pacing in anticipation, the first intent passes with her face down, walks briskly avoiding contact with the parents without saying anything, and the second intent does the same. This makes the parents more agitated

(Doctor comes out panting, trembling and sweating)

Doctor: I’m sorry, we tried all we could but we lost him, He is dead to the flesh

Mum: of all recommended, you are most commended,

            Your praises are sung on all moving lips.

            How did you let the virus steal my son away from me?

Doctor: my experienced eyes thought they’ve seen it all until the glory that came beholding my face today.

Never have I come across a virus this potent, one that completely defiles all medications, gradually takes over the cells, reproducing itself continuously like cancer,

Dispensing high radiations like electrical charges, until every thing around it becomes just like it,

Identical, leaving the system in equilibrium-Diviniom

(The two intents come on stage)

I am sorry to announce, but I am now a carrier, I with all in the theatre, and this virus grows stronger with every new carrier

Intent 1: the glory of his death was testimony to our spirits

Intents: Oh! What an awesome wonder

Intent 2: watching mortality die in a flash as immortality sets in

Intent 1: right in our faces

Doc & intents: divinity made a home of your son and our spirits bore witness

Doctor: He kept speaking the language

Doc& intents: the language of the infected (mutters tongues)

                    Diviniom, absolutely inhuman

Intent 1: my masked ears became unstopped

Doctor: my busy hands lost their will to continue the surgery

Intent 2: my body became defenseless

Doc & intents: our immune systems, defeated

Dad: we have only heard of STIs

Parents: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Intent 2: this is WTI

Doc & intents: word transmitted infection

Doctor: words highly contagious to the dividing asunder of spirit, soul and body

Intent 1: bringing into captivity

Intents: the spirit of fear and doubt

Parents: do you mean to confirm our only son dead?

Doctor: Yes D- E- A- D

Intent 1: Dwelling

Intent 2: eternally

Doc: above death

Intent 1: You brought your son here sick

Doctor: S-I-C-K

Intent 2: separated

Intent 1: into

Doc & Intents: Christ’s kingdom

Doctor: we are sorry he had to DIE

All: delivered into eternity

Mum: As you speak, your words are light

Parents: our darkness cannot comprehend

Dad: our ear masks too weak for a defense

Parents: against the maker of ears

All: we have contacted the virus- Diviniom

Parents: Diviniom has found its abode in our spirits

(Doctor and intents heart rupture)

Doctor: if you look closely, you’d see the bleedings of our chests

Intents: our hearts have ruptured

(Parents heart rupture too, they look at each other surprised)

Parents: it’s only a matter of time before we all die

All: delivered into eternity

Mum: any contact with the word is sure to multiply the cells of your system

Dad: making it possible to carry the impossible

Parents: Divinity

Intent 2: staying 5 feet away cannot save you from diviniom

Intent 1: lockdown is a total waste of time

Doctor: No door is closed to the spirit

All: the word of God covers the earth as the waters cover the sea

Dad: the vaccine to take out eternal life is unable to be created

Doctor: this virus was carefully cultured in the laboratory of heaven with God

All: as the lead scientist

Parents: diviniom parades the streets of life

Parents & intents: we are ready, we are infecting the world

Doctor: with the word transmitted infection

All: WTI- Diviniom

Person 7: Jesus is immunity against poverty, condemnation

We will not stop, we will not back down, no matter what they try to do to us, we standing tall. No knife is sharp enough to cut through us like the sword of the spirit cutting through their spirit. No weapon formed against us because we are above the system of this world.

We are spreading His name, we are spreading his fame

This gospel got to us in blood. Blind to the policies of canal men,

All: We all go out.

Person 7: We are the healing body of the world, we are safety. We have this virus to infect the uninfected

5. No one is safe! I repeat no one is safe!

Social distance cannot guarantee your safety!

6. Ear masks, nose masks, whatever mask you mask is impotent!

5&6 For this virus is too powerful! It has completely taken hold of us;

5. Our cells,

5&6 our bones

5,6&7. Our bodies, souls and spirits. We are completely possessed by divinium.

5. It is our immunity to covid 19 or any other disease, it does not share it’s host

7. For whoever carries divinium cannot carry another.

6. It is jealous, extremely possessive.

All. We are carriers of this divine infection, infected to infect the uninfected for the propagation and expansion of the kingdom.

1 : God’s word on our lips being medicine to every human that does encounter it.

3 : The antidote to all infirmities.

4:. Carnal defences of sin and doubt, this nature ruptures.

2:  for when we speak;

All: divinium travels miles inhabiting new hosts.

5: It is the world’s fastest spreading virus,

6: rupturing the caged walls built by demonic oppressions.

7.vitalising their mortal bodies.

All. Activating eternity in mortality.

2: Divinium is that life which Christ came to give;

3:  The reason he was born to die..

All. To deliver you into eternity.

2: So having received this divine life DIVINIUM.

how dare you?

How dare you hide his image and likeness behind the coverings of a mask!

3: How dare you bow to another when divinium parades your body!

All. How dare you lock up God’s glory in your homes when he commanded us to go forward..

5. There’s no room!

5&6. There’s no room;for both faith and fear at the poundings of your chest.

All: there’s no room for laxity; boldly we go; with divinium our immunity!

7. Dear christian you are a carrier! infected first to become the infection!

All:: Your life is highly contagious!

1: First fruits of his blood

Person 2: Next time you see a man made by God brainwashed in nose-masked wisdom,

1&2: sanitizers

All: and vaccines inspired by men made fear,

3: Strike authoritatively with the venom of eternity and fulfil your ministry of reconciliation.

 4&5: transmit the virus.

4, 5&6: Get them contaminated with his spirit

7: Dear Christian, as you walk the streets of men,

1,3&4:. Never forget who we are;

All. The force that drives the truth.

5,6&7. Our voices cannot be tamed.

1,2,3,4: We cannot be decieved_

All: By the rules and regulations of the society.

2&7: This virus came to the us with blood.

( some beats,)


Person 2& 7: Go into the world and spread divinium

2,7& 6: Not an opinion

Person 2: This is the command

All: Everyman, receive Divinium!

7: The vaccine to Covid 19

6, 7, 5, 4: Go forward

ALL; He never said to stop!

Person 7: So boldly we go, for as the water covereth the sea, so will every man be infected with Divinium

Person 1&2&3: We show

Person 4&5&6: no fear,

All: I am the fourth Man

1&2: We

3&4: are

5&6: not

ALL: apologetics



You are God, yet manYou are the exalted Son of the fatherWho was encased in …


Who says and it comes to passLord, when You have not ordained itThe Word from …


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